Welcome new senior rescues!

Welcome our two new senior rescues! Two boys from Gwinnett Animal Control - an ancient Golden Retriever who is full of lumps and has an odd head tilt (and surely plenty of medical concerns!) and a scared old Chihuahua who has a terrible sounding cough (I suspect he is quite ill). The Golden is such a happy happy boy with a bright shining spirit! In the process of naming them ... if you care to donate towards their medical care, please click on the Donate button to your left.  We thank you!

New commitment for a new year!

We have revised our mission statement to reflect our decision to focus solely on senior, special needs, and medically needy dogs! In nearly 10 years of doing rescue, we have learned that it is this population of dogs whom we feel the most compelled to help.  If you would like to make a donation in order to help us pay for the veterinary and medical care of senior, special needs, and medically needy dogs moving forward, please click on the PayPal Donate button to your left or send a check to Bliss at PO Box 303, Loganville, GA, 30052.  Many thanks for your support!

Mission statement:  Bliss is a licensed, non-profit 501(c)(3) animal welfare organization dedicated to rescuing and rehoming senior, special needs, and medically needy dogs from local animal control facilities. Our focus is to help those most at risk of being euthanized due to age or physical/medical condition.

Counting the lives saved!

Thanks to all those who have decided to adopt a rescue pet, Bliss has now placed 365 dogs and cats since our founding on April 1st, 2009!

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