Holiday Thanks

We would like to thank Gwinnett Animal Hospital for raising cash donations plus needed supplies for us through their Giving Tree fundraiser!  We would like to thank Monroe Animal Care Hospital for collecting food, toys, and supplies for our foster dogs!  And many thanks to friends of family of Timo Owens (former president of the American Sign Language Teacher's Association and animal lover) for collecting donations for us in his memory. We so appreciate your support!

Gwinnett Animal Hospital's Giving Tree
Donations collected by Monroe Animal Care Hospital
Timothy "Timo" Owens, Rest in Peace

50/50 Raffle Winner is ...

Congrats to 50/50 raffle winner Jana Adesegun! The raffle was a success - we split a total of $1060 with Jana, so thanks everyone for your support and happy holidays!! 

Take a video journey into dinner time at Bliss!

Check out this video showing how we do what we do at our home
This video is captioned! Click on "CC".

Rest in Peace

It is with great sadness that we tell you that Jolie went into a coma directly after surgery to amputated her cancer-ridden leg and she did not wake up. We were able to be there with her when the decision was made to unhook the machines and let her go. She may have had a stroke during the surgery or it may have been a blood clot … we will never know exactly what happened. The vet and her staff did all they could to save her. We do know that there were indications that the cancer had already spread. Nonetheless, we were so looking forward to giving her more time and love without that painful leg weighing her down. And now she is gone.  We are just devastated and miss her already. 

After 4 and a half months of working with Atticus, we made the painful decision to have him put to sleep.   He has attacked 3 dogs in this time and is unpredictably aggressive, which is not something we can manage. The other issue is that when he does attack, he takes the other dog down and goes for the throat and head. That kind of behavior is very serious. We have to keep all the dogs in our care safe and happy. We have not been able to find a home for him where he could be an only dog. We have loved Atticus dearly and he has had a happy life in our care. 

Rosalee was with us for 4 months.  She was a HAPPY old girl with a bunch of medical issues.  We were lucky to be able to know her and care for her.  Video Tribute to Rosalee

Elton and Truman both passed away recently ... our hearts are sad but we are grateful for the amazing love they brought us!  Video Tribute to Elton

Other wonderful fosters who have passed away in our care:

Gypsy was a super affectionate senior Pit mix who ended up with cancer of the spleen.  Her favorite thing was being taken for a walk :)

Maybelle the Chihuahua mix was not with us long ... her organs were failing her.  She had cozy, soft beds and lots of love right up until the end!

Pippa the Schnauzer mix was a fun-loving girl who just had too many medical issues to overcome ... she made us laugh with her sideways trot and her somersaults!

Dove was a gorgeous senior chocolate Cocker Spaniel who had several medical issues.  She was blind, deaf, heartworm positive, and had some neurological damage.  Her favorite thing was being held :)

Capote was an adorable senior Chihuahua mix who had bladder cancer.  His favorite thing was napping on his bed in the kitchen :)

Lynus was a special case who came all the way from California to join our sanctuary.  He had suffered a life of neglect and had chronic & severe skin issues, along with heartworm disease and numerous tumors.  His favorite thing was playing with a tennis ball :)


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