Exciting New Path Ahead!

We are in the midst of making an ambitious change to our organization. We are in the strategic planning phase of creating a farm animal sanctuary that will be a totally unique place where Deaf people come to learn, work, and lead. We are partnering with the Deaf community for the farm's creation, implementation, and operation. There is nothing like it anywhere in the world. READ MORE.

Latest news on Toby, the dog shot in the face

Toby went through his 5th and final surgery to his face on April 5th!  Just look at him the day he was found compared to now! The vet is very pleased with his progress over the past 2.5 months. Toby is now ready to be adopted!  Email us if interested:  blissdogs@gmail.com.  A huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to Toby's extensive medical care. Toby would not have a second chance at life if not for you and your generosity! 

Toby Update!

Toby was found with a massive gunshot wound to his face on Feb 7th. He is now out of the veterinary hospital and in the care of a foster family. Toby is doing fairly well, given the extensive damage to his nasal cavity, teeth and jaw. He has had 4 surgeries so far and has one more to go on April 5th. The outpouring of support for Toby and his medical needs has been simply amazing! We would like to announce that 100% of any donations remaining after all of Toby's needs are met will be set aside into a new fund, Toby's Fund. This fund will pay for the medical needs of future dogs we rescue, who, like Toby, are gravely injured or neglected and in need of urgent care. The majority of the dogs we take in are in need of extensive medical care (i.e. Nikki, Elton, Sawyer, Eli, Naiyah,), be it surgery, treatments, or medications. While helping dogs like Toby has been the central part of our mission for years, we're now able to do even more, thanks to you! We are encouraged and heartened to see by the public's generosity that you care as much as we do about dogs like Toby. We cannot thank you all enough for caring about Toby and for supporting the important work we do to make a difference for dogs in need!


Holiday Thanks

We would like to thank Gwinnett Animal Hospital for raising cash donations plus needed supplies for us through their Giving Tree fundraiser!  We would like to thank Monroe Animal Care Hospital for collecting food, toys, and supplies for our foster dogs!  And many thanks to friends of family of Timo Owens (former president of the American Sign Language Teacher's Association and animal lover) for collecting donations for us in his memory. We so appreciate your support!

Gwinnett Animal Hospital's Giving Tree
Donations collected by Monroe Animal Care Hospital
Timothy "Timo" Owens, Rest in Peace