Welcome, Ziggy!

Welcome new senior rescue, Ziggy!  She was abandoned by her owners. Ziggy is an old, fat Yellow Lab mix who is happy happy happy and good with everybody!  Very gentle, housetrained, fully vetted. And yes, she has one missing eye. Gives her more character, right? She is ready for adoption, so feel free to email us at blissdogs@gmail.com! 

Welcome, Maggie!

Welcome Maggie to our foster care program!  Maggie is a senior Beagle with a host of medical issues: heartworm positive, anemic, extremely malnourished, severe heart murmur, large masses on her belly (one is the result of a long neglected hernia and is full of intestines), and a GI tract full of sand. Apparently, wherever she was, she was starving and restored to eating sand. She will need surgery once her health improves.  Despite all this, Maggie has the sweetest disposition!  If you are able to donate towards her care, please click the Donate (PayPal) button on the left, or you can mail a check directly to our vet: Monroe Animal Care Hospital, 210 West Spring St, Monroe, GA 30655. Please write "Bliss/Maggie" in the comment line. Thank you!

Rosalee's Story

Meet Rosalee! She is a senior Chow-Chow mix rescued from an animal control facility in Tampa, where she was scheduled to be euthanized.  We saw her on Facebook and commented that we were able to take her in.  Through the power of social media networking, folks stepped up and within 6 days she was here at our doorstep! 

At animal control

In temporary foster care in Tampa

En route to our house ...

Arrival at our house!

Her very large mammary tumor.  Roselaee has a number of medical issues:  skin and ear infections, tumors, heartworm positive, hypothyroid, and ...

After she collapsed and had a major episode with her heart/lungs (nearly died!), we took her to a specialist for an echocardiogram.  The doctor found a very large mass on/in her heart and believes it is a tumor.  There is nothing we can do.  We have to treat her heartworms with the slow kill method and have to leave her tumors (she cannot be anesthetized).   

Roselaee moments after her episode ... But, despite all of this, Rosalee is one HAPPY DOG!!

She is incredibly affectionate and LOVES life here at our sanctuary!  Although she is on a NO EXCERCISE restriction, I can't keep her from showing her joy, as seen here in the video ...

It is likely that Rosalee will have another episode soon and eventually, will die from one.  But our mission here is to make her life as pain free, comfortable, and happy as possible.  She makes every day absolutely worth it! 

Sampson is still hoping for a forever home!

If you are looking for a 70 lb mushy love bug who gets along with absolutely everybody, then Sampson could be your boy! He is a 6-7 yr old American Bulldog who was a staff favorite at the pound. Bumper is blind (yes his eyes do look fine, but he in fact cannot see.) He is an absolute delight to have around and is all wags and kisses for everyone he meets! Medium level energy, quiet, well-behaved.  Good in the car, too! Enjoys slow walks.  Sampson is a gem, honestly! Fully vetted and looking for the perfect new home! Please email us at blissdogs@gmail.com for more info.


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